“The price good men pay for indifference to public affiars is to be ruled by evil men.” Plato

Welcome to White Chalk Crime – web site and forum. This web site will introduce you to teacher abuse and its primary enabler – incompetence, bully tactics, and criminal behavior of school administrations as documented by Karen Horwitz in her book:

WHITE CHALK CRIME, The Real Reason Why Schools Fail.

White Chalk Crime™: The REAL Reason Schools Fail, by Karen Horwitz, is a teacher’s attempt to initiate school reform by presenting testimony of 140+ award winning educators who enlighten the public about teacher abuse and its companion, White Chalk Crime™.

It scales the self-serving EducRAT$’ formerly impenetrable moat designed to shut the public out of their “business.” And business it is, as you will learn in this comprehensive discourse on what is truly wrong with our schools.

It also describes the author’s abusive experience at Avoca, an affluent suburban Chicago school district, and her disheartening journey through the courts, including the US Supreme Court. It carves the first authentic path for school reform.

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This web site and forum was created to provide a platform for teachers and others to discuss the important issues presented on the NAPTA website and in  Karen Horwitz’s book.

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