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Welcome, to the White Chalk Crime blog.  If you are not a member of the National Association for Prevention Teacher Abuse at please go and sign up. Become a member to fight this silent problem of bullying and abusing teachers in our education system.  You can be a teacher, para ed, a former student,a parent, a friend of someone who has been bullied or abused or anyone who cares about this issue. If you are not sure about joining; please go the the above website and read the stories of teacher and parents.

There is an old adage: there is strength in numbers.  The more members we have the louder our voice will be and we will have the ears of those who can end this abuse in our education system.

As things will happen, people have lives and move on to other things.  We are restarting this blog again.  It takes volunteers to man this blog. If you would like to help out please let me know.

We want to hear your stories, we want news what is happening in your school district, we want to hear your ideas and solution to this problem, we need you to be part of our team.


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4 Responses to New to the WCC blog

  1. emwest75 says:

    I am very thankful for this site. I am a charter school teacher who wants to get the message out that these schools are about as shady as they come. I am a victim of bullying as well as reverse discrimination.

    • greeneyeszoe says:

      Thank you for commenting on your situation. Please go to and join the fight. This site allows you to tell your story to other teachers in your situation. Please join and tell us your story. You are not alone.


    • teacherkh says:

      please make sure you join NAPTA at and become part of the voice for this change. Membership is free and we protect anonymity if needed. Look forward to working together to end teacher abuse and all the shady White Chalk Crime!

  2. frankie says:

    I have upgraded your posting status and you may now comment and post without approval. NAPTA webmaster

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