Apology Needed by Charnock Principal

Less Than Ethical Behavior By Charnock School Administration.  “The Selling of Donated Toys to Low Income Under Represented Title One Students”.

Dear LAUSD Inspector General Rodas, Ethics Enforcement

      I received a phone call from a Charnock Elementary parent who felt the Principal took advantage of low income under represented minority
Title One students at Charnock by having them purchase “Barbie Dolls” donated to the school by Mattel  toys.
      Two years ago Mattel hosted a special snow party for the students of Charnock Road Elementary School’s after school program.
 Mattel sponsored a party complete with trucked in snow, food, and a toy for each participating student.
Last week Germaine England, the principal of Charnock Road gave two dozen donated Barbies (leftovers from two years previous) to the PTA’s annual Santa’s Gift Shop,
 which sold the Barbies back to the students for five dollars each.
It was Mattel’s intention that the Barbies be given to the Charnock students, not for the principal to sell them back to the intended recipients two years later.
Charnock Road Elementary School is a Title 1 school with some homeless families and the majority of students on a free meal program.
These Barbies should have been given to the students two years ago when they were received and not sold at a profit.
On behalf of corporations who donate goods and services to Title One LAUSD students, it is time Ethics and the Inspector General act on this issue.
A letter of apology by the Principal needs to be sent to the CEO at Mattel. All money needs to be returned to the low income
under represented Title One students who purchased these donated toys.
Isn’t it clear to LAUSD that these parents have no where to go as CEAC has been Eliminated by the LAUSD Board by a 4-3 vote ?
 Peace. Rick Selan

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