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Update: Evans Resigns || It’s Eleven O’Clock, Do You Know Where Vivian Evans is?

Update: Vivian Evans has resigned her seaton the Buffalo School Board as a result of the Buffalo News’ investigation into her residency.  

Vivian Evans, in case you don’t know, is a member of the Buffalo School Board.  Evans has the focus of controversy as she has seemingly moved to Maryland while maintaining her board seat despite the fact that board members are required to live in the district.  Evans continually responded to questions about her residency by claiming she still lives in Buffalo even writing “I continue to be a resident of the City of Buffalo” to the school board president.

Well, The Buffalo News has just blown up Vivan’s charade.  Amazingly, Evans has not only continued to serve on the Buffalo School Board since moving to Maryland but continued to use her district-paid cell phone.  And it was the cell phone that did her in.
The News filed a Freedom of Information Law request to the Buffalo School Board to obtain cell phone records for members.  Ms. Evans has used her cell phone nearly every day since July 30th – the day she called a U-Haul store in Prince George’s County Maryland.  Hmm, I wonder why someone would call U-Haul?  Maybe because they’re moving?  Nah, that can’t be it because Evans told the board she’s still a resident of Buffalo as late as the middle of August.  So why did she go 7 weeks between board meeting appearances?  Well, when asked that very question by George Richert of WIVB, she said “That’s not correct, though.” When he then asked how many meetings she had attended, she responded with “I don’t need to.”  Better yet, when Mary Pasciak at the News prefaced a question to Ms. Evans about living in Maryland, Evans shot back “Am I?”  What a delightful public servant.
While the News’ analysis of Evans’ cell phone records explodes her nonsensical claim that she is still a resident of Buffalo, it also reveals she finds time to user her district-paid cell phone for non-district business.  She’s called M&T Bank. She’s called Bank of America. She’s called the New York State Income Tax Protests and Resolution Bureau (now that would be an interesting transcript). Oh, and we’ve all paid for her to call her ex-husband 15 times.
In the battle for most embarrassing governmental conduct of 2010, Evans is quickly gaining on the infamous ‘let’s pay $2M to insure dead people’ story from August.  We’ll be reaching out to school board members, including Chris Jacobs and Jay McCarthy, to find out when they intend to do about Ms. Evans’ position on the board.

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