Pension Whistle Blower

If you have any doubt that what is going on in education is organized crime, take a look at this article about Scott Thompson, a pension program analyst for the state of California who was fired for being a whistleblower. The article said: “Thompson says he was fired because he aggressively worked to stop pension spiking – the practice of school employees padding compensation at the end of their careers to enhance their retirement benefits – and top officials didn’t like it….in the case of a school superintendent from San Mateo County. In his last year as superintendent, the superintendent’s salary jumped from $155,000 to $265,000, an extraordinary 70 percent increase.” And if you have bought into the delusion that charter schools are the answer for children rather than the answer for White Chalk Criminals wanting to facilitate their hijacking of our schools, note this: “The second case that caught Thompson’s attention involved a principal at a charter school in the Los Angeles Unified School District. In 2003, she earned what most principals in the LAUSD earned – $120,000 that year. The last four years of her employment with the charter school the principal’s salary jumped an extraordinary $32,500 per year, on average, to finish up at $250,000.” We will keep on reporting the truth until it causes the system of White Chalk Crime to implode. NAPTA

Scott Thompson: CA Pension Whistle Blower



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