White Chalk Crime

White Chalk Crime’s primary enabler is teacher abuse. White Chalk Crime™ includes incompetence, bullying tactics, as well as a smorgasbord of criminal behaviors employed by school administrations and boards. This is documented by Karen Horwitz in her book: White Chalk Crime™: The REAL Reason Schools Fail.

Karen has recently published: Why We elected a Con Man: White Chalk Crime™ – the fraud in our schools that is destroying our democracy. If you’re wondering how our culture devolved to the point where we’d elected such a disastrous president, her new book has the answer.

This book not only documents this corruption but shows its connection to our dumbed down, media illiterate society that has created a culture unable to distinguish reality from reality TV. It explains how the media has failed us, allowing a profiteer’s fake news label to stick. The book hopes to educate the media, the courts, and all with the responsibility as well as with the power to end this fraud on our nation.

WhiteCalkCrime.com is a platform for teachers and others to discuss the important issues presented on the NAPTA website and in Karen Horwitz’s books.