Why Karen Horwitz Has Been Silent

I published my book in late October, 2019, eager to reach parents to educate them about the corruption affecting their children. I intended to begin the marketing of my book in California, in January. I think I had Covid 19 in January, TBD.  So by the time I felt good enough to dive in, the pandemic reared its ugly face.  I decided that reaching anyone with the power to make this unbelievable truth public was futile.  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs taught us: no one would care about education when survival is at issue. After all, I couldn’t get my 2008 book read, even though Oprah’s researcher called me with it in hand. And my clever idea for my second book – to get readers to read about how we elected Trump, a much more interesting concept than education to most – was of little interest now that finding toilet paper took over.

Today I awoke. I had heard Trump say that educators and teachers would decide when to open schools, not scientists. Since teachers are powerless – you would know that if you read my book  – this means the criminals running our schools, the very people who currently fan the flames of school shootings, are the ones to decide.  So much for Maslow. Children need their parents to read my book and I have to figure out how to make that happen. I will.

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