Fake News?

This dialogue with a NAPTA Trump supporter shows that she voted for Trump disgusted with the corruption in education in her state. She is willing to read my book even though we disagree about whether he is a con man since exposing corrupt schools is a more important mission.

Stephanie:Fake News.

Karen: Stephanie do you care enough about the fraud in our schools to get it exposed any way possible? I do. The book is not about Trump. We can agree to disagree but it is not fake that you despise Democrats for allowing our schools to be this corrupt. If you read the book you will see I don’t blame Trump for our schools. He has done nothing to expose White Chalk Crime, but neither have the dems. My husband is an attorney who has worked with attorneys who have worked with Trump and saw him con people firsthand. I saw him con condo buyers in Chicago. I speak from experience about what i say. Start reading it on kindle.Sample is free. Or whole book free on kindle unlimited. You’ll see where I go with it. Hopefully one day you will thank me for exposing White Chalk Crime. I’ve known you for years. No one can divide us in what’s going on in the schools. If a Trump can he’s worse than even I thought.

Stephanie: Karen it’s not you and it has nothing to do with President Trump. Sadly I loved teaching before I returned to Hawaii.
Our State is and has always been dominated by the Democrats and in my youth I truly believed the philosophy of the democratic party although my parents were Republicans and followed because thats what we do when life is going well. And then I found out during my last 27 years of teaching here just how corrupt the government really is. It probably would have been the same had the Republicans been in control. I just happened to return when the wrong people were in power in the DOE at the moment. Almost everyone that entered and were my peers rose to top and ended up retired administrators today. It’s too long to explain the story. But extremely political. It only took one Principal that had the hots for me that eventually finished both of our careers in education sadly. She ended up in the end (my opinion) more unhappy ending than 1. I fortunately got into real estate at the same time I was teaching and ended up retired with all benefits after 40 years of teaching and still continue my real estate business (since 1986 and sole proprietor SCS Realty for the last 15 years). There are no enemies and the people in government know they are corrupt but that’s survival Baby. I just couldn’t play the game.

Karen:Thank you Stephanie for confirming EXACTLY what I said in my book. I, more than most, understand voting for the other. We lived the corruption from both parties up close and personal. We know the corruption. But there’s a fork in the road where you and I split even though we really are on the same page. You could believe in this other whereas I had personal experience to know he was a con man. We can agree to disagree on that. Time will prove one of us right. But time will not end the corruption in education and in fact Betsy DeVos is even worse. Wcc has the potential to bring all of us together since no decent person would be ok with it. Your position was essentially written in my book because I understood. I wish I had your quote in the book. Can I quote you on my website?

Stephanie: Don’t know exactly what you wanted to quote but go for it. I’m the one who said it.

Karen: Look forward to your thoughts after you read my book. Together we can end White Chalk Crime.