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Hoping this blog will encourage parents, teachers and citizens to report White Chalk Crime they experience in their schools. Keep in mind anything that negatively affects children is White Chalk Crime. Harassing great teachers out and hiring Stepford teachers to replace them is White Chalk Crime. Acts that benefit the administrators, while harming the children are also White Chalk Crime.

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Impeaching Hearings Cause PTSD

Watching dedicated workers tell the truth at the Impeachment Inquiry while Republicans circle the wagons with lies feels too much like my former job as a teacher. And you can see where the deceitful, lying schools brought this democracy – to a place  too stupid to know corruption when they see it. After all, they were educated in the halls of corruption! When will the establishment wake up and read my book? Do what you can to make that happen if you want to live in a democracy!

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Lies Obscure

As I watch Republicans utter lie after lie to defend our dangerous, con man president, I recall how well lies worked when I was teaching. Our democracy cannot survive when the majority of its people are liars.  The honest people need to unite and save our democracy!

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Pied Piper

Seems like we have a new Pied Piper. Trump. Whereas the original Pied Piper lured the rats out of town, and then because he was not paid for ridding the town of rats, lured the children away, Trump has lured rats into our government while not paying his bills. Instead of luring children away, he has caged the ones he could, and is luring citizens into being fine with lawlessness, making excuses for his mob like acts. He truly is the Pied Piper of lawlessness! He could not have accomplished this had our schools been genuine.

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Teacher Abuse

Abused teachers have emailed me regularly for 17 years. I tell them to sign up at EndTeacherAbuse.org so they can network with other abused teachers. Unfortunately, after all these years I cannot suggest a way to end this abuse. As long as those running our schools have absolute power, dedicated teachers will be abused so that the system remains their treasure chest and not for the children or for the democracy.

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