WCC 2008 Book

White Chalk Crime is a Trojan horse filled with words that will scale the EducRAT$’ – those running our schools – heretofore impenetrable moat designed to shut the public out of their “business.” And business it is, as you will learn in this comprehensive discourse on what is really wrong with our schools. Just as Bernie Madoff operated a Ponzi scam for years because his customers trusted him despite many people trying to report his scam, we have a bunch of mini-Bernie Madoff’s running an education scam – pretending to care about children when money and power is their only concern – because the public simply cannot imagine how truly evil so many of our administrations are. And their greed filled agenda prevails also despite many people trying to report their wrongdoing, which made an in depth book on the topic of White Chalk Crime essential.

WCC describes how administrators and school boards obstruct educators from following the laws that protect children from harm and that guarantee them a proper Education. Because EducRAT$ do this while making decisions geared toward their own self-serving interests, not the public’s, our schools are spiraling further and further into an abyss and are unable to compete globally.

This book crystallizes the story of teacher abuse, the calculated use of psychological terror by educational leaders to squelch resistance from teachers, principled educators, or involved parents. It connects the public with the truth that corruption in Education thrives behind the backs of an intelligent citizenry due to the widespread use of this shameful, covert practice. It proves this beyond a doubt by including the voices of over a hundred abused educators as well as organizing evidence about what is going on in our schools.

Besides presenting a well hidden social problem that spawns incapacitating prejudice against teachers and employs a dual system of terror used against both parents and teachers, this book constructs a framework for unraveling it. The truth offers all of Education’s legitimate stakeholders the chance to win, while ensuring that all those harming our children will lose.

In addition to including lessons that educate the public so that they can take our schools back, it describes Horwitz’ personal experience with abuse at an affluent north suburban Chicago school district as well as her disillusioning journey through the courts of this nation, all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

This book puts the complex puzzle together for the first time, including the real role that unions play, and leaves readers empowered with solutions. It carves the first authentic path for school reform – a must read for anyone concerned about children and the future of our country.