What is WCC?

“White Chalk Crime”?

White Chalk Crime is White Collar Crime With a Special Twist.

It is unregulated, uninvestigated, tax subsidized lawlessness topped with mismanagement and incompetence. It is conducted by EducRAT$ who are destroying our schools.

“Educators Speak on WCC at DC Conference”


“Who are EducRAT$”?

EducRAT$ are hired, appointed or elected leaders who are RAT$ more engrossed in $$$$$ and power than in educating our children. They are destroying our schools.

EducRAT$ are the new mafia, little “m”. EducRAT$ have organized white collar crime into something unique.  Chalk is literally symbolic as a stereotypical teacher tool, and figuratively symbolic as easily erasable, the fundamental nature of White Chalk Crime.

The EducRAT mafia refers to white collar crime such as manipulative mismanagement, circumvention of laws, teacher abuse, embezzlement, bribery, and kickbacks. They have a well-organized system of crime working as a team; durability over time, which resistance to reform epitomizes; enough power to use fear to have their way; ability to commit crime while existing as an integral part of the tapestry of society; insulation from the law; parasitic existence off a host, which in both cases is the public; and a code of honor that maintains silence.

“Mafia vs mafia”?

The main difference is that the Mafia accesses their money via vice, while the EducRAT mafia accesses their money via taxes. The Mafia uses physical brutality and murder to induce fear; the EducRAT mafia uses psychological brutality and control of the legal system to induce fear.

Another significant difference is that the EducRAT mafia enjoys the respect of the public and is insulated from scrutiny by bias that EducRAT$ have our best interest in mind whereas the Mafia is an object of disdain for most.

“EducRat$ Plan”?

Using teacher abuse to replace hit men is EducRAT$’ perfect design. The fear of hit men deters most people away from going after Mafia members; the fear of teacher abuse frightens most educators away from exposing what is really going on. Silenced employees is the single most cost-effective measure to keep crime undercover in our schools.

“Power and Perks”?

Schools are not about children to EducRAT$. They are opportunities for power and perks. Those running the schools see their job as expanding power, not expanding children’s minds and well-being. Tax driven rather than profit driven, they have an inexhaustible source of money and an inexhaustible source of credibility with the public. They do not have to succeed as does a business that must be profitable to survive; they do not have to worry about regulatory bodies as does a business that must be lawful to survive. Taxes keep coming in regardless what they do. The only regulatory feature in place to ensure that they cannot betray the public is local elections, which, in reality, is cleverly not in place.

“End Teacher Abuse”?

The truth of why our public schools are so dysfunctional lies buried under layers of carefully positioned propaganda, and skillfully constructed terror, courtesy of EducRAT$, school boards, and unions all over our nation.

Teacher abuse, their covert weapon, assures EducRAT$ that they, rather than the people, are in control, and is thus the first aspect of White Chalk Crime we need to eliminate to force change in Education. With teachers free to speak, White Chalk Crime will no longer pay.